Taking the Certification Test

The certification test for “UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” is conducted by certification providers accredited by UXQB. Currently, the following certification providers are accredited by UXQB:

The exact price for a certification test has to be enquired with each certification body or training provider. Current prices for a CPUX-F certification test taken in Germany are:

  • EUR 240* (plus VAT) for members of one of the member organizations of UXQB
    *does not apply for computer based certification test (without training) in Pearson Vue Center
  • EUR 270 (plus VAT)
    • for members of SAQ – Swiss Association for Quality (only with SAQ)
    • for members of ASQF e.V. (only with iSQI)
    • for members of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • EUR 150 (plus VAT) for students with valid student ID (independent of whether they are members of one of the member organizations of UXQB or the ASQF e.V.)
  • EUR 300 (plus VAT) for everyone else

These prices do not include training.

The following options for participating in a certification test are currently available:

  • Public certification tests without training
  • Certification test combined with a training
    All preparatory trainings in our training schedule are followed by a certification test at the end of the training (conducted by an accredited certification provider). Simply select a preparatory training and register with the recognized training provider directly.
  • Computer based certification test (without training)
    • in a “Pearson Vue test center”
      There are 5000 Pearson Vue test centers in many countries. The paperless certification test is available in English language only. In order to take the certification test for CPUX-F, test participants must register with Pearson Vue first. After registration, a test center nearby can be identified. The test participant must physically appear in the test center in order to take the CPUX-F certification test. The costs vary by country between EUR 150 and EUR 300 (plus tax) and will be displayed after registration for the country of residence. In Germany the costs for taking the certification test for CPUX-F are EUR 300,– (plus tax).
      Note: For certification tests taken in a Pearson Vue center no reductions can be given to members of one of the member organizations of UXQB.
    • in a “Prometric test center”
      The computer-based CPUX-F certification exam can be taken worldwide in a Prometric Test center. The exam is available in German and English. You register for the CPUX-F exam directly online at Prometric, where you can select country, language, and the nearest test-center. Like with all certification exams, you need to identify yourself and take the test supervised by a proctor. Depending on your selected country, prices vary between 150,- and 300,- Eur (excl. VAT).
      Note: Also for test-center exams, discounts for members of one of the member organizations of UXQB and students can be granted – in order to prove your eligibility and receive the discount code, please contact Certible via office@certible.com.