„UX Certification? Yes – No?“ – Einstündiges Webinar mit Rolf Molich am 07.04.2021, 09.00h (in englischer Sprache)

The webinar will provide frank answers to questions like

  • „What is UX – and why is UX training required?“
  • „What is UX certification – and what is it not?“
  • „Is UX certification worthwhile for me?“
  • „Are UX Certifications a shortcut from taking a degree?“
  • „Is the industry acknowledging these certifications?“
  • „How does UX Certification compare to mentoring?“

Tune in for Rolf Molich, who will share his point of view, followed by a discussion where you can ask questions. Rolf is the vice-president of the UXQB, which offers UX certifications, but Rolf has promised a frank and unbiased view of UX certifications.

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