Strategic Alliances

UXQB maintains strategic partnerships with the leading associations in disciplines close to the profession of usability and user experience. This way, the experts in requirements engineering, business analysis and software testing maintain a common language with the experts in usability and user experience and can take full advantage of the know how in each of the fields.
Requirements Engineering (IREB) | Business Analysis (IIBA) | Software Testing (GTB)


IREB – International Requirements Engineering Qualification Board e.V.

IREB logo

UXQB and IREB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the purpose to promote and advance the discipline of Usability / User Experience Engineering and the discipline of Requirements Engineering and complementary approaches.

UXQB and IREB will mutually explore options and opportunities for alignment, cross marketing activities and promotion of each other’s certification offerings and events.

The primary goals for the alliance between UXQB and IREB are:

  • The development and support of Usability / User Experience Engineering and Requirements Engineering as globally recognized professions and disciplines;
  • The promotion of the value of Usability / User Experience Engineering and Requirements Engineering and recognized certifications;
  • Strengthening of the UXQB and IREB community to foster mutual recognition and collaboration between their members.


IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysis

IIBA logo

UXQB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Institute of Business Analysis, (IIBA), to support the relationship and extend learning and development opportunities through webinars, conferences, articles, joint surveys, research and white papers on subjects related to Usability, User experience and Business Analysis to our respective communities. Through this collaboration, IIBA and UXQB will explore potential alignment of each other’s respective certifications programs and promote special offerings such as discounts for our respective communities.


GTB – German Testing Board e.V.

GTB logo

UXQB and GTB have signed a cooperation treaty. Goal of the cooperation is, to interlink the career paths of software testing and usability testing, both of which are not consistently connected nowadays in industry. This will be achieved by “bridging qualifications”. These bridging qualifications shall help software testers to gain insights into usability testing and identify commonalities and differences. On the other hand, usability engineers shall gain insights into software testing and also identify commonalities and differences between both, usability testing and software testing. These bridging qualifications will be developed by UXQB and GTB conjunctly in order to enable a consistent orientation in both fields of testing.