User Requirements Engineering (CPUX-UR)

The certificate UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – User Requirements Engineering (CPUX-UR) attests that the certificate holder is:

  • Familiar with terms and concepts in the field of user requirements engineering
  • Able to apply concepts in the following areas of competence:
    • Planning, conducting and documenting observations and contextual interviews
    • Creating user group profiles, personas and scenarios
    • Systematically deriving user needs from context of use descriptions
    • Deriving, specifying, structuring and prioritizing user requirements

You obtain the CPUX-UR certificate by passing a theoretical and a practical certification examination. The theoretical examination is proctored and consists of a 40 multiple-choice questions. It lasts 90 minutes. The practical examination consists of observing a contextual interview, documenting it in the form of an as-is scenario and deriving the user requirements based on the as-is scenario. Details about the examination procedure are contained in the examination regulations.

For training and self-study, the following documentation is available at no cost.

A prerequisite for taking the test to become a “Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience – Advanced Level” is the possession of the certificate “Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” from UXQB e.V. Nobody will be allowed to take part in the test without this certificate; no alternative certificates will be accepted.