Usability Testing and Evaluation (CPUX-UT)

The certificate UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Usability Testing and Evaluation (CPUX-UT) attests that the certificate holder is:

  • Familiar with terms and concepts related to testing and evaluation of user interfaces, specifically usability testing
  • Able to apply concepts in the following areas of competence:
    • Planning, conducting and reporting the results of usability tests
    • Planning, conducting and reporting the results of user interface expert reviews
    • Designing, performing and analyzing the results of qualitative and quantitative user surveys

You obtain the CPUX-UT certificate by passing a theoretical and a practical certification examination. The theoretical examination is proctored and consists of a 40 multiple-choice questions. It lasts 90 minutes. The practical examination procedure is described in detail in the examination regulations.

Some candidates only aim at confirmation of advanced theoretical knowledge. Therefore, it is also possible to acquire Advanced certification based on the theoretical part of the examination only leading to the certificate “CPUX-UT, theoretical part”. UXQB recommends taking the theoretical examination and the practical examination to give evidence on both approved theoretical knowledge and approved practical skills.

For training and self-study, the following documentation is available at no cost.

A prerequisite for taking the test to become a “Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience – Advanced Level” is the possession of the certificate “Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” from UXQB e.V. Nobody will be allowed to take part in the test without this certificate; no alternative certificates will be accepted.