The certificate UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Designing Solutions (CPUX-DS) attests that the certificate holder is:

  • Familiar with terms and concepts in the fields of:
    • Interaction specification and modelling,
    • Information architecture,
    • Iterative design of user interfaces (prototyping)
  • Able to apply concepts in the following areas of competence:
    • Creating and documenting task models as a basis for interaction specification
    • Defining scenarios
    • Deriving and specifying components of the user interface from scenarios
    • Organizing an information structure that allows efficient access to information
    • Creating user centered content and navigation structures
    • Developing paper-based and digital prototypes of user interfaces for evaluation
    • Evaluating and improving prototypes in cooperation with users

Note: The curriculum and the certification process for CPUX-DS are under development. We expect that they will be completed by mid 2020.