New CPUX-F Curriculum published (Version 3.15, 23 March 2018)

The UXQB has released a revised CPUX-F Curriculum on Friday 23 March 2018 together with a new set of public test questions. The curriculum and the test questions are available in German and English as before. At this time the UXQB has no definite plans for updating the French and the Russian curricula. In the period from 1 April to 31 May, you will have the choice of getting certified using test questions that correspond to the old curriculum or to the revised curriculum. Please state your choice when you order the certification from the accredited certification provider of your choice. From 1 June 2018, all CPUX-F certification tests will be based on the revised CPUX-F Curriculum. To help you get a quick overview of the major changes to the curriculum, we have included a list of changes in the back of the curriculum. The curriculum now also includes an index. Both documents are available for download at