The purpose of UXQB is the development and maintenance of a world-wide certification program for usability and user experience professionals. The certification program is developed and advanced with the active participation of experts from participating countries.

The main goals of the UXQB are:

  • Development, advancement and maintenance of the “Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience” model (CPUX-model) and securing its professional quality
  • Development, maintenance, release and publication of curricula for all certifications in the CPUX-model
  • Development, maintenance and release of certification test questions for all certifications in the CPUX-model
  • Support for the certification test procedures
  • Development and maintenance of the certification and certification test regulations
  • Accreditation of certification providers
  • Cooperation with professional associations and interest groups in the usability and user experience areas

The UXQB neither conducts training nor certification tests, it does not issue certificates for its certification programs. Training is conducted by training providers recognized by the UXQB. Certification tests are conducted by certification providers accredited by the UXQB. Accredited certification providers also issue certificates.